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  • Visual Studio 2008 SP1 (and .NET 3.5 SP1) or Visual Studio 2010

Current Priority 1 Issues:
  • Generated code does not define a host base address and metadata endpoint extension configuration does not generate an absolute URI for the endpoint by default. This causes an exception in the service host when you try to initialize it with generated config. In order to fix this you always have to go and specify an absolute URI for metadataUrl parameter in metadataService configuration element.


We have now published a roadmap and we would like to hear your feedback on the roadmap as well as other suggestions for features that we could add to the roadmap. You can post your feedback in the forums here and also vote on the corresponding work items.

Working with the Source

For users of the source code, do note that it is now possible to just debug using F5 as there is a post-build step attached to the add-in project (.ContractFirst project) which launches VS in the experimental hive so there is no need to install the MSI first. If you have roaming profiles for VS, then take a look at a post in the forum which shows how to handle the add-in location with roaming profiles.

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