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N-tiered Architecture with WSCF.Blue

Feb 28, 2012 at 4:56 AM


I've been looking at and playing around with WSCF.Blue for quite some time now to know whether we can use this in our projects. I have a few questions/concerns with the tool and contract-first development:

1. In our company, all of our projects (may it be a web application, a web service, or a desktop application) are built with multiple layers (business logic layer, data access layer, presentation/service layer, etc.). Is it possible to use WSCF.Blue if I want to build a multi-layerd application (or in this case, a WCF service)?

2. Please bear with me, I am very new to contract-first web service development. If we want to take the 'contract-first development' approach, will our company's practice of building multi-layered applications be sacrificed? I'm asking this, because I just can't seem to find a way to separate the data contract, message contract and web service codes when they are generated. Of course, I can move the .cs files to different VS projects once they are generated, but what happens when we change the XSD and/or WSDL and generate the codes again?

What I'm trying to achieve is to have all data contract codes in one class library project, and the message contract codes and service codes in the WCF application project. Is this possible using WSCF.Blue?

3. Is there a way to configure/modify how generated codes are generated in WSCF.Blue? For example, I may want all Data Contract codes to inherit a custom abstract 'DataEntity' class.

4. Lastly, when generating the service code through the generated WSDL file, the 'Generate a partial service class with calls to partial methods that must be implemented in another file' only generates 'vritual' methods not 'partial' methods. Is this a bug?

Thanks to all in advance! Cheers!