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Generating client-side proxy with methods returning DataSets

Oct 20, 2011 at 4:52 PM


I am using client-side proxy generation to generate a client side proxy for my WCF web service.

However when my web service methods are defined to return a DataSet the interface generated in the proxy class does not use it, instead it defines the methods using XXXRequest and XXXResponse classes. This only happens when I use DataSets. When I use ordinary .NET classes it defines them correctly in the interface of the proxy.

Plus, if ANY of my web service methods use a DataSet the generated proxy interface uses XXXRequest and XXXResponse classes for EACH method regardless if they are defined to use a DataSet or not. The same methods are defined correctly if none of my web service methods use a DataSet in the signature.

"Add Service Reference" functionality in Visual Studio does not do this, it correctly uses the DataSet in the generated proxy interface.

Has anyone idea how to get around this issue?

Many thanks,