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Doesn't Work with BP1.2 or BP2.0 Test WSDLs

Oct 29, 2010 at 2:28 PM


I'm evaluating WSCF.Blue for some projects we'd like to do.  We've decided to adhere to WS-I Basic Profile 2.0.  So as part of my evaluation, I generated code off one of the tests WSDLs that WS-I publishes for BP 2.0.  While the generation succeeds, the plumbing is not right at run-time.  When I send in an array of strings to the web service, the array object is null when it gets to my implementation code.

There are some comments in the generated code that I think might be related to the problem.  For example: "// CODEGEN: Parameter 'RetArrayString1DResult' requires additional schema information that cannot be captured using the parameter mode. The specific attribute is 'System.Xml.Serialization.XmlArrayAttribute'."

I am testing using SOAPui as my client.  The WSDL I am using is ComplexDataTypesDocLitW.wsdl and is downloadable here:  I'm using the latest release of with VS 2010.

Is this a limitation of  If so, I guess we will need to use something else.  I have successfully generated code from the same WSDL using SvcUtil.exe.