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Generating simple classes with simple names

Jul 5, 2010 at 9:59 AM


We have been using WSCF blue version 1.09 to generate out .svc and .cs from WSDL and are hitting a recurring problem: the interface structure and naming conventions are frequently compromised and complicated.  Collections do not generate out within the right levels as defined in the message elements and the name strucutres are torturously long which compromises the code usability. 

The tool should allow us to specify simple and complex types in a data XSD (this seems to work better) but should also allow us to instantiate complex types within the message XSD which seems to fail dismally. 

Even with the data XSD full type specification this compromises our use of a canonical data XSD (using :import in the message XSD) because we still might want to append simple type elements to defined reusable collections from our canonical XSD: this must be done at the message XSD level mustn't it? Again the interface and collection hierarchy seems to fail and we end up with ludicrously long naming conventions.

Is this a configuration issue?  We tend to build the XSDs (data and messages) using XML Spy and then use WSCF within our VisualStudio 2008 environment? Anyone else experienced these problems / know any solutions here?  Any ideas?